When writing an essay, you need to know how to write an article name. The MLA style calls for quotation marks around the title of the article and the Chicago style has the title underlined. If your teacher doesn’t specify a particular style, you can use any of the three. However, you need to check with your teacher for more specific instructions before writing. If you’re not sure what style your teacher prefers, choose whichever one you feel is most appropriate for your paper.

Avoiding acronyms

The use of acronyms in essay titles is acceptable, but the first time you use them, write them out in their full name. This way, they will blend into the rest of the text more naturally. If you must use an acronym, make sure you write it out in full, or use the abbreviation instead. A common example is World Health Organisation, which is acceptable to use as WHO. However, it’s best to use the full name whenever possible.

Using italics

If you’re writing an essay or a book, you’ll likely use italics. This style is generally reserved for book titles, but it can be used for any important word in the essay. Book titles should be in the same style as complete works, such as the Chicago Manual of Style. However, if you’re writing an essay for a journal, you might want to use italics sparingly.

Using quotation marks

There is a proper way to cite sources in an essay. Using quotation marks around an article title is appropriate in essays, articles, chapters, webpages, and songs. It can also be used to reference an article within a book. Listed below are examples of how to include quotation marks. You should also use quotation marks for book titles and song titles. Listed below are some tips to ensure that you properly cite sources.

Using subheadings

Adding a subheading to your essay is an effective way to separate the content of a long document into relevant sections. The use of subheadings is essential for guiding the reader through the paper, and it can make a big difference in securing your reader’s attention. Many academic paper readers are looking for specific information, and they don’t have time to read a research experiment in its entirety. In order to keep them interested, write a subheading that contains the most relevant keywords, and match its wording to that of the surrounding subheadings. A neutral reader will want to see if the whole set of subheadings flows well together in a way that makes sense to them.

Using a question as a title

Using a question as a title of your article can be a good way to get your audience interested in reading your work. The title should be clear and concise, and give the reader a sense of direction. Using a question as a title can be a good attention grabber for an analytical or narrative essay. The title should be clear and concise, but it should also answer the question that the reader has posed.

Using a descriptive title

When you’re writing an essay, you should be careful to use the right words for your topic. If you use the wrong words for a topic, it will negatively impact your essay. Use full words rather than abbreviations. When in doubt, use full words. For example, if you’re writing about a flower, try using ‘flowers’ instead of ‘flowers’.

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